Aloha Mate

What began as a young Hawaiian's dream to share her culture though the island's national dish soon became a reality in her new home on Manly Beach. Opening it's doors as a Pop-Up Restaurant December 2017 in conjunction with Hotel Steyne and the boys from The Belgrave Cartel, Aloha Mate became a standout success in the local community and nationally recognized as an authentic Hawaiian establishment serving traditional Poke just the way it's found in the islands.


Being the only Poke restaurant in Australia with Native roots, Aloha Mate became one Hawaiian's way of sharing and preserving her culture regardless of where she now called home. After a successful five-month Pop-Up, Aloha Mate is now looking to transition to a more permanent location opening soon. 

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SMH Aloha Mate
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"As the name so perfectly suggests, Aloha Mate brings the tropical flavours of Hawaii straight to Aussie shores and just quietly (although it’s already been a hit over the summer) the power couple here have completely nailed it. The bowls (yes, we mean poké), juices and smoothies here are a complete kaleidoscope of deliciousness"